In Malta harness racing or as is most commonly known trot is the most popular horse racing discipline. Trotting is a diagonal horse gait during which the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time with a moment of suspension between each beat. This sport is practiced by Standardbreds and during the race a horse is driven by a driver on a sulky. Trotting races can also be the mounted type with the driver guiding the horse from his back on a saddle but although these races are very popular in Europe, in Malta races of these kind up till now have been very few.

On the contrary the local harness racing season spans the whole year with a short summer break due to heat conditions. During the year an average of 60 racing meetings are held meaning an approximate 560 races.

The local highlights are the Championships which always generate a great deal of interest from owners and spectators.

Local races are normally held over four different distances – 1640m, 2140m, 2640m and 3140m and the start of the race is with an autostart. The winner is determined by the photo finish. During a race horses can be disqualified if not properly adhering to the established gait.  Betting is also an integral part of this sport.

The local trotting races are organised by The Malta Racing Club.