Betting at Malta Equidrome

Betting at Malta Equidrome is done at the Equibet booths situated just under the VIP Terrace as well as on the left hand side of the Winners’ Circle. Apart from betting on the local races one can also place bets on live French races hosted by the PMU.

Understanding the Basics

Betting at the Malta Equibet booths is very simple. Currently there are four types of bets that can be placed. A Win bet is getting the winner of the race or a Place Bet which is any horse that places in any of the first three positions. The minimum bet for these is €2.

Then there is the Forecast Bet – Here you have to choose two horses which you think will be placing 1st and 2nd – if you determine the correct order than this is a straight forecast and you can bet a minimum of €1 if on the other hand you do not determine the correct order then this will be an always forecast and the minimum bet is €2.

The Trio Bet works in the same way as the Forecast Bet but here you will be trying to guess the first three finishers – a straight trio is the first three in the correct order and you can play this with a minimum of €1 whilst an always trio is the combination of three horses in any order and here the minimum bet is €6.

Where to Bet

At the moment betting is only available at the Malta Equidrome itself at the designated booths but our partners RaceBets offer our races also on their betting platform.