The main racetrack is an oval 1000m track with a width of 20m. It is made up two x 300m longitudinal sloped bends and two x 200m straights. The ground is sand and it is generally characterized as being a fast track.


The VIP Terrace is situated just opposite the finish line. This is a roofed
terrace which can accommodate up to 100 persons (standing) and is
utilized for private functions during our racing events. The terrace is
serviced by private toilet facilities and caterers can work at the back of
the terrace. The terrace is accessible only by means of stairs.


The Main Stand is situated just opposite the final stretch giving optimum
views of the whole racetrack. This is a terraced seating having a
capacity of 466 seats. No seating reservation is available. The roof of
the main stand is covered.


The Owners’ Stand is situated just below the VIP Terrace opposite the
finishing post. Although this is referred to as the owners’ stand there is
no reserved seating and is currently open to any spectator. This stand
has a seating capacity of 146.


There are 4 other small seating stands situated just after the finish line
offering also great frontal view of the finishing straight. Two of these
stands have seats amounting to 99 places. The other two stands do not
have any seats but are terraced sitting steps.

There are also several other benches and seats situated around the
racetrack on the lower level which are wheelchair accessible.
Many spectators also prefer not to sit but watch the races from the