EquestriMalta Grand Final – 2 Invitational Races to Close Off The Season

During a press conference at the Malta Equidrome on Monday afternoon, details of a special programme to be raced on Boxing Day were given out.

Mr John Huber, Chairman of EquestriMalta stated that EquestriMalta was not only fulfilling its role as a regulator of equine sport but also as an enabler in the creation and sustainability of high level events.  Mr Huber also added that he was sure that these two races will serve as an incentive to enhance the varied racing programme that is closing off the season.

The highlight of this programme will be two Grand Finals sponsored by EquestriMalta which will see the most consistent horses of 2023 competing against each other. The Premier and Gold category horses will race together whilst the Silver, Bronze and Copper categories are grouped in the other final. These two races will be with a standing start with the Gold category horses starting with a 20m advantage over the Premier ones whilst the Copper will be 40m ahead of the Silver and 20m from the Bronze.

CEO of EquestriMalta, Mr Max Zammit expressed his satisfaction that once again EquestriMalta is behind an attractive prize money to be distributed in two finals that are bound to be spectacular. In fact he announced that a total of nearly €10,000 are going to be distributed in these two Grand Finals. Mr Zammit highlighted that not only will we be witnessing a great competition between the best consistent horses but also the reintroduction of the standing handicap start after many years.

As vice Chairman of the Malta Racing Club, Mr Anthony Demanuele also addressed the press conference appealing to the drivers taking part in the two grand finals to be disciplined during the start and take heed to the instructions which will be given by the starter on the day. The handicap start of these two races will definitely be a challenge as now everyone has gotten used to the much easier autostart.

Dr Matthew Brincat, CEO of the Malta Equidrome, said that when approached with the idea of having a special racing programme on Boxing Day he immediately knew that this would be a popular decision with the owners who look forward to getting the chance to drive their own horses during this time of year and judging by the great number of enlisted horses this is surely going to be an interesting and colourful programme.

Before the starting numbers a draw was made to determine the distance of these two Grand Finals which will be 2160m.

The last time such finals were held was during the first meeting of the 2017 season.

The programme will also consist of 3 shetland pony trot races, 3 go as you please pony races, a Ladies’ race, a youth race and 8 owner races.

Donations for l-Istrina, which will be ongoing at the same time, will also be encouraged.